Time of Heroes

  • Platform iOS, Android
  • Features Turn-Based game system (TBS game)****Great 3D graphics****Self-Made soundtrack**** Exciting Story****Lots of player units and enemy units****High replayability****Skill trees and Items



"Time of Heroes nails the most important elements of a good strategy game. When you combine the large amount of depth on the gameplay side with a good narrative tale and a fairly decent control scheme, Time of Heroes is well worth a recommendation for any fan of strategic turn-based games."

"A masterfully designed TBS that borrows a celebrated concept from the past and beautifully implements it on iOS. Time of Heroes could use some more bells and whistles to streamline the flow of battle in updates, but its sheer level of depth and challenge make this an absolutely unmissable title for genre fans."

Under the leadership of prince Minos humans land on a foreign coast in search of a new home. A short while after going on shore, they realize that the land holds many dangers, but also new hopes and new allies.

Visit the continent of Altland, a place were Pig-Trolls, Elves, Dwarves, Undead and other creatures roam free. Help the "Northeners" under Prince Minos cleanse the land of evil. Defeat the "Prophet" - minion of the unbelieveable evil god Detexx.

The game is free, but contains ads and some low priced item packages. You can remove ads by buying the "No-Ads" in-app purchase.

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